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by JustinTyme
21:42 Sunday 9th February 2020
Forum: Services, Routes and Timetables
Topic: Birmingham services
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Re: Birmingham services

hello lads ,at what times did sutton garage do their duties on routes 163 169 and 193 i know digbeth and sheepcote street did duties and what was the weekly driving hours in 1969 thanks . I'll have a go at answering the routes part of your question. I don't know when Sutton garage started to partic...
by JustinTyme
11:29 Monday 20th January 2020
Forum: Services, Routes and Timetables
Topic: Competition around Coventry
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Competition around Coventry

Readers of 'Buses' will have read that Stagecoach Midlands started a Coventry - University of Warwick service, U12, on 4 January in direct competition with National Express Coventry. It runs 7 days a week - This ...
by JustinTyme
11:11 Monday 20th January 2020
Forum: Diamond Bus (Rotala)
Topic: 292 Diamond Bus
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Re: 292 Diamond Bus

In actual fact R & B Travel ceased operations just after the turn of the year.

From 6 January the 292 passed back to Diamond (so they now operate the whole service) and the 291 Tenbury Wells - Kidderminster passed to Yarrantons.
by JustinTyme
20:56 Sunday 13th October 2019
Forum: Fleet Discussion
Topic: Darts on the move?
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Re: Darts on the move?

Whilst looking for our new solo on uk buses i noticed an order of e400 cities and i just wondered if any of these were for us? Do you mean Scania/E400 City 36901 - 36919? I'm not sure but I think these may well be for First Eastern Counties for t...
by JustinTyme
20:51 Thursday 19th September 2019
Forum: Services, Routes and Timetables
Topic: October changes
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Re: October changes

The bottom line has ruled since at least 1986, of course - bus service deregulation was brought in by the Government of the day on that premise. Having read the comments to the Worcester News article, it is clear that the County Council - which could fund replacement journeys if it wished - is getti...
by JustinTyme
21:01 Friday 15th March 2019
Forum: Fleet Discussion
Topic: Midland Red South Traffic Commissioner Ruling
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Re: Midland Red South Traffic Commissioner Ruling

The reduction in vehicles authorised by the West Midlands Traffic Commissioner may be manageable without affecting operations. As is probably well known, Stagecoach Midlands reduced bus services across its territory on 5 January. The number of buses allocated to Warwickshire depots now is well under...
by JustinTyme
19:32 Thursday 14th March 2019
Forum: Services, Routes and Timetables
Topic: 1962 Anywhere Tickets
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Re: 1962 Anywhere Tickets

Anyone remember the National Wanderbus ticket issued by the NBC at some stage in the 70's ?? I have/had a leaflet somewhere . . . . . £2.97 if I recall. :shock: I do! It was valid from the north Midlands southwards, and I used them for many trips from Birmingham in the late 70s and early 80s. It wa...
by JustinTyme
12:29 Sunday 10th March 2019
Forum: Fleet Discussion
Topic: Versa
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Re: Versa

The Versas have all been returned to Warwickshire County Council. Other Stagecoach Midlands fleet moves following the major bus services changes in January have seen several MAN/Enviro 200s withdrawn (there are just three left in Warwickshire, all at Nuneaton) and more Darts placed in reserve (Rugby...
by JustinTyme
20:48 Monday 3rd December 2018
Forum: Help, Suggestions & Errors
Topic: Problems Logging On
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Re: Problems Logging On

All OK for me too thanks.
by JustinTyme
20:20 Monday 15th October 2018
Forum: Diamond Bus (Rotala)
Topic: Expansion !
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Re: Expansion !

To be fair to Rotala this seems to have been part of their game plan since they started. I'm sure that if more opportunities had been available Diamond would have expanded more by now.

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