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by Brendan
23:37 Monday 17th June 2019
Forum: Services, Routes and Timetables
Topic: Salt Road 2019
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Re: Salt Road 2019

Now they over 18 month's in how are these refurbished buses firing up? 69436 was on evening 44"s Saturday and the smell of diesel in the saloon and blue smoke out the back was very noticeable.
by Brendan
01:39 Saturday 15th June 2019
Forum: Services, Routes and Timetables
Topic: Worcestershire's future passenger transport
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Re: Worcestershire's future passenger transport

Part of the issue is that now there are no or very few mini buses all routes will run with a vehicle up to 12m long. This makes the hospital very tight as when built the Mercedes Vario was the standard vehicle. The estate roads around Ronkswood would not have been built with car ownership in mind or...
by Brendan
23:26 Friday 31st May 2019
Forum: Fleet Discussion
Topic: More Mercedes Ciratos
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Re: More Mercedes Ciratos

It's more likely that any potential purchasers would be looking first to the substantial piece of land the depot occupies, the flagship routes (44, 144, 35?) Before looking at the fleet. The annual results put Worcester close to if not bottom in terms of revenue and profit? That, coupled with chroni...
by Brendan
21:53 Monday 20th May 2019
Forum: Fleet Discussion
Topic: SK68TXO
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TXO on 44's this evening with its bit of paper in the windscreen 😉
by Brendan
20:24 Saturday 11th May 2019
Forum: Fleet Discussion
Topic: Citaro woes.
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Re: Citaro woes.

Had a trip on one of the 2002 OIG registered Citaros at lunchtime yesterday and noticed that the seat backs are held on by no less than twelve Phillips head screws plus washers. Earlier in the week on another Citaro I noticed one of the screws sticking out and turned it back in by hand as far as wa...
by Brendan
21:39 Wednesday 10th April 2019
Forum: Fleet Discussion
Topic: 42893
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Re: 42893

Currently tootling around Malvern on a 44

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