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by JustinTyme
18:46 Sunday 3rd June 2018
Forum: Services, Routes and Timetables
Topic: Service 392
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Re: Service 392

I missed a sentence at the start of the second paragraph of my earlier post.

The 392 and the 483/395 Banbury - Moreton - Evesham 'combo' both started in 1933.
by JustinTyme
14:37 Sunday 3rd June 2018
Forum: Services, Routes and Timetables
Topic: "along the Salt Road" !
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Re: ...... "along the Salt Road" !

I'm pleased to see that the launch events are in town and city centres where there should be maximum footfall (to use a modern phrase). I hope the 144 timetable will make it onto the "salt road" web page to complete the new look, but otherwise it all looks good! I wish everyone involved well with th...
by JustinTyme
14:16 Sunday 3rd June 2018
Forum: Services, Routes and Timetables
Topic: Service 392
Replies: 4
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Re: Service 392

Greetings Rob. My guess about why Shipston-on-Stour was the terminus of the 392 is that there was already a Banbury - Shipston service. This had started in 1920 (one of Banbury garage's earlier services), and while contemporary newspaper reports refer to passengers from Banbury changing to Stratford...
by JustinTyme
22:35 Friday 1st June 2018
Forum: Preservation
Topic: DD12 Revival
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Re: DD12 Revival

They're of interest to me too.

I used to live in Hollywood so I caught 6015 on the 148 quite a few times (as I did 6013/4/6) during its Evesham years in the 1970s.

I also remember 5257 as one of Worcester's last DDs on the 144 just before the Malvern section of route was separated back in 1976.
by JustinTyme
20:40 Thursday 15th March 2018
Forum: Fleet Discussion
Topic: Lessons from First Kernow?
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Re: Lessons from First Kernow?

Perhaps we should also ask, "How did it get so bad in the first place?" In the Lockhead years First Devon and Cornwall always seemed to be in a bad way, and when the recession hit some ten years ago the standard First response of "cut quickly" made matters worse. Then the former MD purchasing Wester...
by JustinTyme
21:35 Monday 26th February 2018
Forum: Diamond Bus (Rotala)
Topic: Stagecoach in Kidderminster?
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Re: Stagecoach in Kidderminster?

It made me smile too! To answer DD12, Transport for the West Midlands (as it is now called) has not shown any interest in franchising. When it was West Midlands ITA it wasn't ruling anything out, but it did appear to think that there was anything to be gained by franchising. I would agree - the leve...
by JustinTyme
21:57 Tuesday 6th February 2018
Forum: Diamond Bus (Rotala)
Topic: Rotala/Diamond Bus
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Re: Rotala/Diamond Bus

ANDREW wrote:
20:17 Monday 5th February 2018
The end of Centrals Kidderminster "out-station" then. :)
But Diamond will gain a Tamworth outstation by the looks of it - just as peace had been reached with Arriva there.
by JustinTyme
20:35 Thursday 1st February 2018
Forum: Fleet Discussion
Topic: Stagecoach Heritage Bus
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Re: Stagecoach Heritage Bus

For the record, 15675 - a Scania/Enviro 400 - was officially launched in Stratford Blue livery on Friday 26 January. It is of course allocated to Stratford outstation, so it no doubt will appear regularly in Evesham on the X18.
by JustinTyme
19:45 Wednesday 29th November 2017
Forum: Services, Routes and Timetables
Topic: Hereford depot 144 working
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Re: Hereford depot 144 working

During the post war period the 420 ran hourly on Saturdays. I have read that at least some Saturday 420s operated by Hereford garage continued through to Birmingham on the 144. This was never advertised as far as I know, but I think I read that buses showed 'Birmingham 144' throughout northbound and...
by JustinTyme
15:19 Sunday 1st October 2017
Forum: Johnsons / Whittles
Topic: C1 college service.
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Re: C1 college service.

Is this the Heart of Worcestershire College Inter-Campus Redditch - Bromsgrove contract? Johnsons bought its 3 Enviro 400MMCs for the X20 Stratford - Birmingham service, but they have been used elsewhere at times. For a while last year, one was scheduled to operate Stratford - Banbury school journey...

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