Wood Farm Camp (144) Service.

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Wood Farm Camp (144) Service.

Post by AdamH » 22:46 Thursday 20th October 2016

Mentioned in a different post ( Here ) was a service to Wood Farm Camp. I've been trying to find out more about this but it appears to be quite elusive.

It would seem that sometime around the end of 1956 a short-working journey of Service 144 was added running on Tuesday mornings only from Wood Farm Camp 10:00 to Great Malvern, with a return departing at 12:40.

Wood Farm Camp was a military base of some type near Malvern Wells, and I believe the site is now the home of the Golf Club.

The service needed to be worked with a single-deck bus so I'm guessing low trees were an issue, and as it carried route number 144 I'm guessing it was open to anyone to travel yet it was not shown in timetables. As it was mentioned in the post about the additional D9 at Malvern it was still running in 1967, but I have unable to find a date it was withdrawn. Maybe when the Camp closed?

That is all I can find about this odd working of the 144. Does anyone else know about this?

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Re: Wood Farm Camp (144) Service.

Post by MattW » 17:47 Friday 21st October 2016

I don't know anything about the working mate but that is definetley where the camp was. It would have backed onto the old Malvern-Upton railway line too.
Last time I was over there there was still a fair bit of ex-military stuff left i.e huts but i don't remember a bus stop!

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Re: Wood Farm Camp (144) Service.

Post by chason » 09:07 Saturday 22nd October 2016

Wood Farm was definitely on and around the site of what is now the Golf Club as you say.

I had always thought it was mainly the living quarters for the main camps which were further down the Hanley Road at Merebrook (now the industrial estate between the Three Counties showground and Hanley Swan) and also Blackmore Camp which is now the site of the caravan park opposite but it may well have been a camp in its own right.

The reason it was perhaps not better served by Midland Red is that the Hanley Road (where I assume the bus stop was) was the route of the Bristol 112 from Gloucester to Malvern Link railway station.

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Re: Wood Farm Camp (144) Service.

Post by JustinTyme » 21:48 Wednesday 26th October 2016

According to "Round the Hills" by C J Davis (which I agree is an excellent book) the Tuesday morning facility on service 144 between Great Malvern and Wood Farm Camp disappeared in changes made on 7 October 1972.

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