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Post by SEVERNLINK » 15:16 Saturday 11th April 2020

A while ago I was searching for pictures of Midland Red West Leyland Nationals and came across a photo of a National with no reg plates but the caption claimed it was former Worcester allocated XOV748T

With being at home a bit more than I would like at the moment I've had another look and found a couple more photos.This was the origional one I found. in the yard of Essbee Coaches of Coatbridge taken in 2010. :o

Just found this one taken a year later complete with registration plate on rear. :o

Seems like it was being operated by TMS travel of Teesside in this 1997 photo before passing to Essbee in 1998

Looks like 748 survived quite a bit longer than it's brothers and sisters one comment dated 2015 on the first picture says it was still in the yard albeit looking quite a bit worse for ware than when photographed.

Thought this may be of interest if only to update the fleet history section.Are there any other Nationals or Leopards that maybe we don't know about that lasted a bit longer and survived into the last decade :?:

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