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Re: 66305

Post by TimBrown » 08:37 Sunday 4th February 2018

AdamH wrote:
19:42 Monday 15th January 2018
Rare photos!
Whilst looking through my files for something else, I came across this shot of 66305 taken on the afternoon of 7 September 2017. Did the bus only go out in service that day, and did it make the trip to Evesham and back without any problems?
07 September 2017 Crowngate 104.jpg

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Re: 66305

Post by AdamH » 13:22 Sunday 4th February 2018

I think it made it out for more than one day, but I don't think you will get to double figures if you try and count them. As for Evesham and back... maybe!

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Re: 66305

Post by Mechwr26 » 15:41 Saturday 17th February 2018

It's not coming back to Worcester and is now part of Leicesters fleet. Happy days 😃

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