BOD, WOD, and DRT !

Bus and Coach operations, new or changed services and timetables for First Midland Red Buses Limited or its predecessor, Midland Red West Limited.
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Re: BOD, WOD, and DRT !

Post by DD12 » 17:20 Thursday 7th October 2021 ... rea_scheme

There's loads more info here ( - in the pdf) of interest, including possible sites for hydrogen filling stations.
Unfortunately, as previously discussed, this scheme ( - IF the application for £ is successful) is for north-east Worcestershire, with Diamond as the main beneficiary, whereas south Worcestershire with Worcester as the hub appears to me to be VERY much more in need of such a scheme !!

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Re: BOD, WOD, and DRT !

Post by TimBrown » 12:59 Sunday 10th October 2021

I agree with DD12 that it is very sad that South Worcestershire isn't in the frame for improvements in public transport emissions, but I question the wisdom of going for an all electric bus fleet in the Bromsgrove/Redditch area. What would happen if we had a whole week of continuous power cuts, how would the buses be charged up as they only have sufficient battery power for one day's service? Even one day sounds ambitious to me especially as bus charging points at bus stations are part of the bid. A recent newspaper article has stated that the proposed increases in electricity will force many manufacturers to buy diesel generators to maintain production. Will this less than green option be taken up by Rotala thus completely negating the primary reason to go electric in the first place?

The attached article appeared in the Daily Telegraph on Saturday 9 October 2021 putting it in a much better form than I could manage. Everyone except those in charge seem to acknowledge that energy short-termism, and relying on potentially belligerent countries like France and Iceland for interconnector electricity supply, plus ''just in time' don't work on a national scale - NATIONAL & LOCAL POLITICIANS WAKE UP!
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