Salt Road 2019

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Salt Road 2019

Post by DD12 » 21:07 Monday 11th March 2019

Can anyone tell me why FMR is using some vehicles on the full B'ham+Worcester service that are NOT Euro 6 green volvos in Salt Road livery ? -- -- there are 12 of them !

Tonight, as I type, 47517 and 66699 are apparently being used.

Also, is there still a separate rota of drivers that only do the 144 ?

Thanks for any insight !!

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Re: Salt Road 2019

Post by Speedbird297 » 21:36 Monday 11th March 2019

I’ve so far seen the spare buses (64033/35) on the 144, quite a few streetlites but the plaxton centros are a new one for me. My guess for first not using the green volvos is that if they want to maintain the every 15min (from Worc to Bromsgrove) and the every 30min (from Worc to Birmingham) services, they’re are only just 12 green volvos (as you mentioned)for them to use from Worc to Brum and vice versa, I’ve also seen 1 or 2 of the Salt road buses on the ramp presumably for maintenance or just to rest them.

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Re: Salt Road 2019

Post by x68 » 21:52 Monday 11th March 2019

also has the green uniform been discontinued

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Re: Salt Road 2019

Post by AdamH » 00:16 Tuesday 12th March 2019

x68 wrote:
21:52 Monday 11th March 2019
also has the green uniform been discontinued
Most of the original drivers have either asked to be removed from the rota or have left the company.

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Re: Salt Road 2019

Post by ANDREW » 17:04 Thursday 14th March 2019

63361 on the Salt Road heading back to Worcester at this moment. 8-)

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