FMR: October 2017 Bus Graph

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Re: FMR: October 2017 Bus Graph

Post by willr7 » 18:21 Tuesday 7th November 2017

AdamH wrote:
15:12 Tuesday 7th November 2017
Not directly. I have to ask very nicely and hope the scheduling man is in a good mood. The one published is now out of date as the 31 and 31U are now interworked to improve reliability (looks like it’s working too). I don’t want to annoy anyone by going back for each and every minor change, but I will ask again when there are some significant changes made.
Ok, we will wait patiently! It’s going to be hard to keep it up to date I suppose and the schedule will change so often whilst they make minor tweaks in the first few months of the changes to improve times/reliability etc. Definitely a wise decision to wait until there are bigger changes in order not to annoy the scheduler (we need to stay in his good books)

Regarding the 31/31U I guess that the 31U can no longer use the streetlite max’s (They would not be able to do the 31 route due to the weight restrictions you have previously mentioned)

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