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Progress !

Posted: 13:26 Wednesday 28th March 2018
by DD12
Great new timetable layout / presentation on First Worcestershire's website from today !
My local service which consists of the 32, 32S, 52, 53, 54, 332, 333 now has a live, real-time display at the St.Peters terminus, and the county council has installed updated "composite" timetables at my local bus stops.

(First themselves have failed to update their online 32 timetable which acts as a composite timetable for the Bath Road and St.Peters, but I have contacted them direct about why it matters !)

Re: Progress !

Posted: 20:30 Friday 30th March 2018
by Fuzzynutter
Some of the bus stops where I live, Warndon Villages, have real time information and they're great. Sort of! That's because the info on these doesn't appear to sync with the real time info on First's mobile phone app. So there have been many times where I've checked the app to see when a bus is due, headed to the bus stop in good time and then found the info on the real time display saying that I've either missed the bus or the one that was due is still some time away. Something for First and Worcestershire County Council to sort out methinks!

Re: Progress !

Posted: 09:57 Friday 24th August 2018
by DD12
At least two of First's online timetables now include a "box" of General Notes which feature the start date of school-term timetable variations that affect these PUBLIC bus timetables.

IE - some schools start back on September 4th, and some on the 5th, and in the past (at least) I believe that some of these variations can be very significant for members of the public who want to use these buses, and who would not otherwise know when the relevant schools re-open.

"BRAVO, First" !!

I hope that similar info will be "put on" for the final day of any school term, especially when it features a short school day/ early finish -- IF that results in the cancellation of a later journey marked as SCH on the timetable !

-- What's the arrangement for such public bus journeys when a school has an emergency closure during the day ?? :?

Re: Progress !

Posted: 12:17 Saturday 22nd September 2018
by DD12
I like the new timetable booklets for the "50's" and "the Malverns" with their improved layouts / detailing.

I also like the latest graphics above the bus shelters in Crowngate which were installed before the start of the revised services.

66698 + 99 look much better now they've got their new graphics including rear-end "promotionals" - -

All of the WR buses I have seen this (dry) summer that are in the new liveries and fitted with rear-end promos, have also had their rears properly cleaned, - - which is a major improvement !!

I cannot resist a couple of "whinges" though --
- the rear LED route number boxes on some of the "centros" (at least) are faded and dirty-looking, and could do with replacing with "bright white on black" ones.

And although it's too late now, and as the rear-end promos appear to be custom-designed and fitted, it's a pity they contribute towards making the rear LEDs "almost invisible" -- --
- with the benefit of hindsight, I would have added a coloured or contrasting frame and space in the graphics.

AND I don't like the side promotional adverts fitted to the sides of some Malvern buses that imply (to me) that I can travel anywhere for a day in Malvern+Worcester for £5.50, when in fact if I board a 44 in Worcester that will cost me £6 !