Fares increase, 15th January 2017

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Fares increase, 15th January 2017

Post by AdamH » 21:44 Tuesday 10th January 2017

Notices have started to appear in buses to announce a fares rise on 15th January 2017. Very few details are shown on the ones I have seen other than the date. They seem keen to highlight the fact that the £4.00 Worcester Day Pass price is frozen, and claim the Worcester Week Pass is still good value at £14.00 (currently £13.00).

I imagine the "price freeze" for the £4.00 day pass has something to do with the fact that price is advertised on many of the Urban2 livery buses and they don't want to have to replace the graphics!! :lol:

More details can be found on the FirstGroup website... Link here

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