Stagecoach Heritage Bus

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Re: Stagecoach Heritage Bus

Post by DD12 » 00:21 Saturday 27th August 2016

JustinTyme wrote:
22:43 Friday 26th August 2016
Yes, JJD 565D is still owned by Stagecoach (fleet number 12565) and I think is still normally based at Stratford.

Details of its history are on this site here - ... 5Ejjd565d$
Thanks "JT", -
- Because I've not been particularly interested in Stratford in recent years, I hadn't even noticed that there's a current Fleet List for "Midland Red South"
on this website ! -
So apologies to Adam, who has been incredibly productive !!

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Re: Stagecoach Heritage Bus

Post by AdamH » 06:41 Saturday 27th August 2016

I used to recieve regular updates on the Midland Red (South) fleet movments but these stopped last winter so the fleet list on this website is at least 6 months out of date now, maybe more.

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Re: Stagecoach Heritage Bus

Post by redandwhiteboy » 23:26 Saturday 24th September 2016

This bus has spent a bit of time down at Stagecoach West in Gloucester.
It's has been helping out on private hire mainly weddings throughout the summer. Though a Routemaster did do most of the work.
A few weeks ago was the last wedding, that the private hire team did.
I believe the company will no longer do private hire, from now on.

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