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Stagecoach in Paignton Monday 3 July 2017.

Posted: 10:31 Wednesday 5th July 2017
by TimBrown
Went by train to Paignton on Monday 3 July 2017 to sample The Dart Valley Steam railway. Only had a few minutes to spare making the connection back home, but managed these shots taken near the bus station adjacent to the railway. Not really Midland Red South, but interesting to see what is going on in Devon!
3 July 2017 Paignton 024.jpg
3 July 2017 Paignton 018.jpg
3 July 2017 Paignton 020.jpg
3 July 2017 Paignton 021.jpg
3 July 2017 Paignton 022.jpg
3 July 2017 Paignton 023.jpg

Re: Stagecoach in Paignton Monday 3 July 2017.

Posted: 17:34 Wednesday 6th December 2017
by Earlswood
Stagecoach Devon recently introduced new buses in Torbay. Most (17 I think) are in the new white/two-tone red and the other five in corporate livery. The new colours do look very smart. I had the opportunity to ride on a couple of them the other day. Although I do not use WiFi outdoors I am sure for those who cannot live without the internet I expect they will appreciate the facility.