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K400 MMS

Posted: 18:23 Thursday 25th January 2018
by Ridercross
In the December 2017 PSV Circle newsletter (I am a month behind on my reading!), there is reference to K400 MMS (formerly BA04 GHA) a VDL SB120 with Wrights B38F body arriving from Minsterley Motors circa September 2017 to Whittles.

Has anyone seen this bus, and it is a bus as opposed to a coach around anywhere?

Re: K400 MMS

Posted: 14:23 Friday 26th January 2018
Not seen it myself, it was new to GHA and looking on Flickr as BA 04 GHA it seems to have carried three liveries during its time there. As K 400 MMS there is one photo of it on Flickr taken last October working in Worcester. :D

Re: K400 MMS

Posted: 11:08 Sunday 28th January 2018
by Ridercross
Thanks Andrew, it doesn't seem to be very active at all, not seen it operating at all around Kidderminster!