Redditch bus station 15 December 2016.

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Redditch bus station 15 December 2016.

Post by TimBrown » 16:06 Friday 16th December 2016

I returned from Redditch to Worcester using Johnson's 150 service at 13-28 on Enviro 200 YY16 YLK. The loadings were low out of the bus station with about ten or twelve passengers; none were picked up en route and we dropped off in the Astwood Bank and Inkberrow areas, with about five for The Worcestershire Royal Hospital in Worcester with just two passengers, including myself, for Crowngate. If this service is run entirely on a commercial basis, I feel that if my experience is the norm, it needs a bit of marketing stimulation to justify those new Enviro 200 buses. Are passenger numbers better on other timings, or indeed other days; can any enthusiast confirm as I expected better on the run-up to Christmas?
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