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Rotala/Diamond Bus

Posted: 17:16 Friday 2nd February 2018
by x68
On West Midlands bus forum states that Rotala have bought Central Buses.
Also on there states Social Bus is for sale

Re: Rotala/Diamond Bus

Posted: 21:34 Friday 2nd February 2018
by Michael
Yep - 1.95 million - More Diamond buses in the midlands!! ... r__1_95m/c

Re: Rotala/Diamond Bus

Posted: 20:17 Monday 5th February 2018
The end of Centrals Kidderminster "out-station" then. :)

Re: Rotala/Diamond Bus

Posted: 20:19 Monday 5th February 2018
Were not Central going to take over working the 318 from Hansons/Diamond this month ??

Re: Rotala/Diamond Bus

Posted: 12:05 Tuesday 6th February 2018
by Ridercross
Yes, so they will be getting it back again now!

Re: Rotala/Diamond Bus

Posted: 13:53 Tuesday 6th February 2018
by DD12
It APPEARS that Rotala have got a business model that is allowing them to make enough profit from operating the bus services that the big bus groups don't want.

I realise that Rotala is acheiving economies of scale by taking-over small operators, then transferring their operations to Rotala's existing depots etc.

I also realise that Rotala does not have a massive debt burden (unlike First Group), and big, centralised overheads.

Presumably, they are paying their staff just about enough to keep them.

Also, presumably, they are winning the battle to achieve sufficient service reliability (enough to satisfy the Traffic Commissioners).

IF they can "keep a tight-grip" on the above situation, then there should be no stopping them !
If any of their existing services become loss-making because of traffic congestion, they can (as a final option) cancel them.

Bearing in mind traffic congestion and service reliability, I would be very interested to know if, most of their existing services are retaining their passenger numbers, or even increasing them ??

I believe Rotala are pinning their hopes on winning new bus service franchises in certain areas (?), so the reliability of their existing services OUGHT to be a consideration.

If anyone can add-to, or correct the above, please do !

Re: Rotala/Diamond Bus

Posted: 21:57 Tuesday 6th February 2018
by JustinTyme
ANDREW wrote:
20:17 Monday 5th February 2018
The end of Centrals Kidderminster "out-station" then. :)
But Diamond will gain a Tamworth outstation by the looks of it - just as peace had been reached with Arriva there.