Revised services from 23 March 2020.

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Re: Revised services from 23 March 2020.

Post by Adam V » 11:54 Wednesday 20th May 2020

I wonder if the 303 will ever come back! I hope it does.

I can see Diamond just running a shoppers journey once a day or something between Kidderminster - Hartlebury and Ombersley at best.

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Re: Revised services from 23 March 2020.

Post by busrinks » 23:22 Wednesday 20th May 2020

TimBrown wrote:
12:21 Monday 30th March 2020
JustinTyme wrote:
17:26 Sunday 29th March 2020

I saw Simon Dunn reply to a post about this on Facebook on Friday saying that not one person used the 303 the previous day. No doubt that it why it has been suspended.

Inecvitably in an emergency, there are a few anomolies. While Diamond will be running a mainly Saturday service, Stagecoach Midlands will be running a Sunday service. This means that in Stratford-upon-Avon, the few journeys that Diamond run (on tender) on town service 15 to West Green Drive are now the only journeys on that service.

Not that I am criticising anyone. I realise that schedulers must be having a manic time at present - many operators have already changed their timetables at least twice on the past week. They have done a remarkable job. My best wishes to them and in fact everyone in the bus and coach industry.
I realise the situation is very fluid, volatile even, and I sympathise with the schedulers and senior management who have to make difficult decisions on the hoof, but suspension of the 303 means no direct bus service between Worcester and Kidderminster and leaves places like Ombersley, Hartlebury and many smaller villages without any form of public transport. Worcester travellers do have a circuitous option of using 144 to Bromsgrove and 42 from there to Kidderminster. If Coniston Coaches are maintaining their 294/6 service to Bewdley it may be possible to get a connection from there to Kidderminster. West Midlands Trains are still running a limited service between Great Malvern, Worcester, Kidderminster and Birmingham Snow Hill, for the moment.

I believe Ombersley, at least, has a Doctors' Surgery and active Pharmacy for those in need of medical attention and medication, but how will the car-less purchase their weekly food needs when nearest supermarkets are in Worcester or Kidderminster?
I highlight this because the same, or similar, situations must be duplicated throughout the country as cash strapped County Councils seem unable to keep a subsidised emergency core service alive for these communities.
the 294/296 are now run by astons of worcester only a few runs each on the 294 i think it is 2 and 0n the 296 it is 4

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