Double Decker Work.

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Double Decker Work.

Post by DD12 » 20:09 Friday 13th October 2017

I got a nice surprise this afternoon, when I saw a fully loaded Astons DD on a school contract that I did not know about.

It was Pershore High School - Peopleton - Upton Snodsbury - Crowle.
- Lucky, lucky, children !

Astons appear to have only their 4 Scania DDs once-more, and I think these were a "very sound purchase" by Astons.

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Re: Double Decker Work.

Post by willr7 » 21:33 Tuesday 2nd January 2018

Ah yes, that would be the PS07 contract. It has been run by Astons with a Decker for a few years now. Before that there used to be two separate contracts; PS07 for Crowle & PS09 for Peopleton. I guess they finally realized they could fit them all on on large bus rather than using two coaches with few pupils on board!

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