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On the Move ?

Posted: 18:28 Wednesday 22nd February 2017
by DD12
There's an article on the Worcester News tonight, about the possible redevelopment of the Astons site for housing, but also reporting that the business is doing very well. - (Sorry I cannot provide a link)

I find the article very interesting, and it mentions the MD - Mr Richard Conway - who was "just" a young mechanic (I believe) when I was there in the mid 70s.

(I had a very brief go at coach driving there as soon as I was 21 - which was the minimum age back then).

I very much admire small coach businesses that succeed, and do bus work still - despite very difficult economics, and no support from our politicians.

Re: On the Move ?

Posted: 13:55 Thursday 7th September 2017
by DD12
The local authority has given the go-ahead for the redevelopment of the site.

Re: On the Move ?

Posted: 14:59 Thursday 7th September 2017
by AdamH
I hope they have helped Astons find a new site. When the old Leicester Citybus depot was earmarked for development the local council played a big role in getting anew site. Worcester should do the same for Astons.

Re: On the Move ?

Posted: 17:13 Tuesday 17th April 2018
by Jamie1983
The site is owned by the previous owner tony halford. The business will have to find its own suitable location to accommodate themselves the ambulances and the container firm that operate from the same yard. The drivers will tell you that is the case.