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BR 70000 'Britannia'

Posted: 20:59 Wednesday 7th August 2019
by MattW
Seen today south of Leominster, a fine sight! 8-)

And a video - managed to attach my phone to a post!

Re: BR 70000 'Britannia'

Posted: 08:56 Thursday 8th August 2019
by TimBrown
Thanks Matt for posting evocative photo and sharing the video - I wasn't able to get to Hereford to see it as I was at Selly Oak having the leg serviced yesterday.
'Britannia' was moving at fair old pace (seemed to be close to, or in excess of, 75 MPH allowed speed) and looked immaculate.

Re: BR 70000 'Britannia'

Posted: 12:49 Thursday 8th August 2019
by MattW
Beautiful isn't she. Yeah going at a fair old lick, I had to rush from where I had propped up the phone to take the video to where I was going to take the pictures!

Re: BR 70000 'Britannia'

Posted: 00:15 Friday 9th August 2019
by chason
Thanks, Matt for an excellent video. I've always enjoyed the 'Brits' and can remember spending an afternoon at Liverpool St in the late 1950s and "copping" about 7 or 8 of them as they were quite common on the Eastern Region.