Autumn Highlander Charter 27 Sep. 2019

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Autumn Highlander Charter 27 Sep. 2019

Post by TimBrown » 05:18 Saturday 28th September 2019

On Friday 27 September 2019 the Pathfinder Tours four day Autumn Highlander Charter train from Paignton to Aviemore called at Worcester Shrub Hill from 08-40 until 08-59 with 68017 'Falcon' in charge. The itinerary includes rail journeys to Inverness, Kyle of Lochalsh and also to the far north of the Highlands and Wick.
Shrub Hill 27 Sept. 2019 003.JPG
Shrub Hill 27 Sept. 2019 004.JPG
Shrub Hill 27 Sept. 2019 005.JPG
Shrub Hill 27 Sept. 2019 006.JPG
Shrub Hill 27 Sept. 2019 007.JPG
Shrub Hill 27 Sept. 2019 009.JPG
Shrub Hill 27 Sept. 2019 011.JPG
These Class 68 locomotives are less than 5 years old and many are used by Chiltern Trains between Kidderminster, Stourbridge, Birmingham and London Marylebone which means they will of course be passing through the Birmingham CAZ (Clean Air Zone) when it starts next year in 2020. Have a look at the penultimate picture and wonder at the Euro rating of these Caterpillar engined locomotives and compare with the efforts that bus operators have made to ensure their diesel engines comply with Euro 6 emission standards. Most of the DMU (Diesel Multiple Units), Voyagers and HSTs are equally as 'dirty' as Class 68s in this respect - double standards when Transport Museum is struggling to have their event day vintage bus route 750 allowed into the City Centre (3 round trips on no more than a dozen days) next year!

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Re: Autumn Highlander Charter 27 Sep. 2019

Post by chason » 10:10 Sunday 29th September 2019

Thanks, as always Tim, for these pictures. I'd love to go on one of these weekend Scottish excursions but they are very expensive, although they seem to get booked up quickly.

I agree with your comments about the exhaust emissions from most classes of railway locos and DMUs and the double standards that seem to be applied. The daily pollution, including long periods of leaving the engines idling makes an absolute nonsense of the attitude towards the occasional use of classic buses

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Re: Autumn Highlander Charter 27 Sep. 2019

Post by MattW » 21:01 Sunday 29th September 2019

Cracking locos these, plenty of thrash!

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