DD12 Revival

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Re: DD12 Revival

Post by AdamH » 19:25 Wednesday 29th November 2017

Not much done during the previous week due to a new engine and gearbox being required in 53047, however there has been some more activity today...
Lots of rot moved from bus to floor.

New panels ready to go in place!

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Re: DD12 Revival

Post by MattW » 19:28 Wednesday 29th November 2017

Looking great :)

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Re: DD12 Revival

Post by DD12 » 21:48 Wednesday 29th November 2017

Thanks for the update and photos Adam.

- If it were the summer, I'd put a folding chair on the pavement outside in Padmore Street, and watch everything being done to 6015 !! :)

I met "Mr 943KHA" recently at the museum, and they have been very busy, as the big building that normally houses lots of vehicles ( - 30 , I think he said),
is undergoing professional rectification and improvement work (costing £ 100,000, I think he said).

As a result, some vehicles have been "farmed-out", including some to Arriva, so 6015 is apparently not unique in that respect !

- (Please feel-free to correct or add to that JP !!)

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Re: DD12 Revival

Post by 943KHA » 09:36 Thursday 30th November 2017

I always knew that those cardboard stress panels used by Alexander wouldn't be much good :lol: :lol: Anyway my thanks to all those at First in getting 6015 into a much better shape than it was a few weeks ago.
Yes, DD12, you are quite correct, a lot of the fleet that resided in the Scania Hall are currently outstationed here, there and everywhere whilst major repairs to the roof (actually a new insulated one) and insulation to the walls is installed, together with new lighting and painting, all of which adds up to about £100k. This together with the expenditure on the restoration of the the 1931 BCT AEC Regent (now well well into six figures) means that yet again the Wythall staff will not be getting a pay rise this year (or Christmas bonus!).

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Re: DD12 Revival

Post by Mechwr26 » 10:05 Thursday 30th November 2017

Shhhh no one is supposed to see the cardboard repair panels ;)
Managed to cut all the rot from the inner rear wheel arch yesterday. A pig of a job but it needed to come out. I was trying to make the whole repair section in one panel but without further dismantling of the body pillars this wasn't possible. New ones are in and now tied into the body pillars and the flooring members once again. As Adam said I've not touched it for a week but it made a nice change to do something different yesterday

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