Bus Fest Gaydon 19 August 2018 part three.

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Bus Fest Gaydon 19 August 2018 part three.

Post by TimBrown » 18:03 Tuesday 21st August 2018

Three Coventry Daimlers were on show and giving enthusiasts rides around the local area, these were as below;
Daimler COG5 EVC 244 with Park Royal B38F bodywork new 04/40 as Coventry 244.
Daimler CWA6 EKV 966 new 08/45 with unknown utility bodywork as Coventry 366. This bus was rebodied with Roe H31/25R layout in 02/51 and the bus has been fully restored recently to the very high standard as pictured.
Daimler CVG6 334 CRW with Metro-Cammell H34/29R bodywork new 11/63 as Coventry 334.
19 August 2018 Gaydon 031.JPG
19 August 2018 Gaydon 034.JPG
19 August 2018 Gaydon 024.JPG
19 August 2018 Gaydon 071.JPG
Daimler CVG6 BNH 246C with Roe H33/26R bodywork new 03/65 as Northampton 246.
19 August 2018 Gaydon 015.JPG
A pair of rather different looking AEC buses are pictured below;
AEC Routemaster CUV 221C with Park Royal H36/29R bodywork new 06/65 as London Transport RCL 2221 is currently in service with Timebus Travel, St Albans, but with a much lower seating arrangement for special functions.
AEC Renown FWL 371E with Northern Counties H38/27F bodywork new 08/67 as City of Oxford 371.
19 August 2018 Gaydon 019.JPG
19 August 2018 Gaydon 077.JPG
AEC Reliance 2MU4RA 100 VRL with Harrington C43F bodywork new 05/64 to Hawkey, Newquay.
19 August 2018 Gaydon 051.JPG
AEC Reliance 6U3ZR BJF 999K with Plaxton C34F bodywork new 03/72 to Abbot, Blackpool as WFR 167K.
19 August 2018 Gaydon 057.JPG
Maudslay Regal III HHP755 is an AEC, rebadged for unknon reasons as a Maudslay, it has Duple FC33F bodywork new in 09/48 to Greenslades Tours.
Alongside is AEC Reliance 2MU4RA with Harrington C41F bodywork new in 05/64 to Greenslades Tours.
19 August 2018 Gaydon 064.JPG

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