Bus Fest Gaydon 19 August 2018 part five.

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Bus Fest Gaydon 19 August 2018 part five.

Post by TimBrown » 06:08 Wednesday 22nd August 2018

A pair of Volvo single deckers;
Volvo B10M-55 N405 LDF with Alexander B48F bodywork new 08/95 to Cheltenham & Gloucester as 405.
Volvo B10M-55 N407 LDF with Alexander DP48F bodywork new 08/95 to Cheltenham & Gloucester as 407.
19 August 2018 Gaydon 049.JPG
Volvo B10M-55 N215 TDU with Alexander DP48F bodywork new 08/95 to Midland Red South as 215. This immaculately presented bus has been in use as a driver training vehicle since 11/08 and carries fleet no. 20215.
19 August 2018 Gaydon 090.JPG
A trio of Volvo single deckers operated by Lawson's of Corby.
Volvo B10B-58 M129 PRA with Northern Counties B49F bodywork new 12/94 to Trent as 129.
Volvo B10M-55 L623 TDY with Alexander B48F bodywork new 06/94 to Stagecoach Sussex Coastline as 623 (later 20623).
VolvoB10M-55 K760 DAO with Alexander B48F? (possibly DP48F) bodywork new 02/93 to Cumberland Motor Service as 760, (later Stagecoach north West 20760).
19 August 2018 Gaydon 066.JPG
Volvo Olympian S600 XHK with Alexander bodywork new c. 1999 to ?? Operated by Hedingham Buses as L300.
19 August 2018 Gaydon 069.JPG
Volvo Olympian OLY-50 R738 XRV with Northern Counties PO44/29F bodywork new 04/98 to Musterphantom (Solent Blue Line) as 741. Regret I don't know if this bus was always open topped, or converted sometime in its life.
19 August 2018 Gaydon 083.JPG
Volvo Citybus B10M-50 F105 XCV with Alexander H47/37F bodywork new 03/89 to Burnley & Pendle as 105.
19 August 2018 Gaydon 089.JPG
I don't normally photograph coaches modified for use as a car transporter and accomodation, but this 1979 Volvo WHO 947V with Plaxton Supreme bodywork was in superb external condition and a credit to the current owner.
19 August 2018 Gaydon 091.JPG
Volvo B5TL AD17 DBL with Wright Gemini 3 bodywork (seating capacity ??) entered service 03/17 with Delaine as 163,
19 August 2018 Gaydon 041.JPG
Dennis Dominator H132 GVM with Northern Counties H43/29F bodywork new 04/91 to Greater Manchester as 2032.
19 August 2018 Gaydon 013.JPG
Scania N230 YP63 WFC with ADL Enviro 400 bodywork new c. 2014 to Nottingham City Transport as 603, together with Scania N280 YN18 SXC with ADL E400 bodywork new 2018 to Nottingham City Transport as 444.
19 August 2018 Gaydon 014.JPG

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