Discussions about the vehicles operated by Birmingham and Midland Motor Omnibus Company Limited (BMMO — Midland "Red" Motor Services).
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Post by bmmoboy » 21:42 Monday 22nd July 2019

On the home page today, there is a photo of 126 taken in 1976. After studying it closely, I noted the following:
1 - It was travelling southbound, as at the time, the bus lane was northbound ie towards Castle Street. The bus lane at The Butts was also the opposite way to what it is today.
2 - The driver was driving with the doors open - a sin even in those days
3 - The driver had his faretable over the speedometer - there were no such things as speed cameras in the 1970s
4 - The bus was in original condition ie the exhaust was of the fishtail type (and used to drag along the floor frequently)
I would add that 126 was a nice bus to drive in the 1980s, along with 124. The middle bus of the trio, 125, was the worst bus on the fleet, obviously built on a Friday!!!

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