Tour coaches in Bromsgrove Bus Station.

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Re: Tour coaches in Bromsgrove Bus Station.

Post by Matt » 22:32 Friday 22nd May 2020

01:33 Wednesday 22nd April 2020
Atleast it's kept the thread alive as I doubt you won't be seeing many tour coaches for a while especially given the age of most of their clientele ;)
It seems that this is well the case and has been partly the cause of the collapse of what would seem to be one of the biggest coach tour operators - Specialist Leisure Group - encompasing both the Shearings and National Holidays brands: ... r-52776657

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Re: Tour coaches in Bromsgrove Bus Station.

Post by ANDREW » 13:48 Friday 11th September 2020

Got one !! :P Half an hour ago ! YT19EBL of Laguna Holidays , dropping people off. 8-)

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