Route 35 bunching.

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Route 35 bunching.

Post by TimBrown » 14:25 Saturday 30th March 2019

I was driving home from Lowesmoor at 1-50 p.m. today and noted a Citaro ahead of my car another one at the bottom of Rainbow Hill heading for the City Centre, another Citaro was picking up passengers for town at the Vauxhall bus stop with yet another Citaro about two cars behind plus yet another about 100 metres behind that - must be four buses within 5 minutes which means that the service was very fragmented. No wonder that passengers are always saying with Anglo-Saxon expletives that it is a poor service. The main problem seems to be cars queuing to access the car park into ASDA causing tail-backs to the top of Rainbow Hill; I don't know the answer, but there are many City and County Council managers who have all the necessary qualifications to alleviate the problem and give buses priority in the City. I am not holding my breath waiting though!

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Re: Route 35 bunching.

Post by Matt560Breese » 16:43 Saturday 30th March 2019

the best thing they can do is what Gloucestershire seem to of done with Gloucester and cheltnehem which is make most of the inner city as Bus and taxi only and raise the price of parking forcing more people on the buses.
so in worcesters case they should make Lowsmore, Lowsmore Terece and Phesent Street all Bus Only or Bus Only at Peak time or somthing like that

however this is worcestershire and they dont like buses

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Re: Route 35 bunching.

Post by bmmoboy » 19:39 Saturday 30th March 2019

It would help us drivers if parking was restricted at the top of Rainbow Hill, and the bus stop into the city was relocated in Lowesmoor saving the time consuming process of getting to the current bus stop, then having to force your way out into the mostly stationery traffic to continue into town. Then having to wait at the lights at the end of Lowesmoor behind cars and taxis blocking the traffic lights. Then again there are dozens of reasons why buses bunch, but I must admit, seeing four in such a short space of time is not too common, 2 close together is a frequent occurrence.

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Re: Route 35 bunching.

Post by AdamH » 19:46 Saturday 30th March 2019

Don’t expect any help from Worcester Council. Officially Lowesmoor is already buses only during peak times. It used to be buses only all day, but it has never been enforced so everyone ignores it.

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