DD12 Revival

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Re: DD12 Revival

Post by DD12 » 20:36 Sunday 3rd June 2018

bmmoboy wrote:
21:20 Thursday 31st May 2018
There seems to be some action on 6015 - the front offside wheel is off and it looks like some attention to the brakes is being undertaken - I will try and find out more details tomorrow.
As an aside, there is a Job Swap initiative at First Bus, and one of the things was for a driver to become an engineer for the day, and an engineer to shadow a driver for a day. Guess who won the draw to be a temporary engineer - ME!!
I will see if I can have a look at 6015 and find out what needs doing.
Don't know yet when I will be in the garage for a day - it just depends when they get my size 10 hob nail boots and Guantanamo Bay orange overalls!!!!!
Interesting stuff, thanks bmmoboy ! -

I feel a bit guilty that I haven't offered to do any work on 6015, but I don't have the relevant skills, and I'm sure if someone told me to "undo that nut", or "unscrew that screw", I would (despite my best efforts) end up with a stripped thread, or worse !

- Even just cleaning, I would need to be very confident that I had got the right materials and instructions, so as to avoid doing any damage. :oops:

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Re: DD12 Revival

Post by AdamH » 19:41 Tuesday 5th June 2018

A rare moment today when there isn't something obstructing the view...

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Re: DD12 Revival

Post by DD12 » 20:51 Tuesday 5th June 2018

Great photo, thanks Adam - -

- a floating DD12 - - bus of the future !!

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