DD12 Revival

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Re: DD12 Revival

Post by MattW » 19:18 Wednesday 7th November 2018


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Re: DD12 Revival

Post by DD12 » 15:40 Sunday 11th November 2018

Thanks Adam, for the photo you've put on the home page, and the comment about MOT preparation work.
I would be very surprised, and pleased, if an MOT test is to be done in the near future, so please keep us posted if you hear anything more !

-- -- which MOT station does FMR use now ? (Am I right in thinking the one at Summerfield, Kidderminster, closed, - or has stopped testing "PSVs" ? )

I saw our devoted museum friend Mr 943KHA recently, and I believe he said that the whole of the upper-deck floor in 6015 is to be replaced at WR !


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