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Post by ChrisS » 11:20 Monday 9th April 2018

Making her preservation debut at Detling last Saturday.....a cracking job done with this one. The owner has proper 80s registration plates with Plaxton logos, to go on next. The wheeldiscs may be next-made from fibreglass. If anyone has any memorabilia of the Tigers or especially Eurocruising,please let me know

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Re: 1006-B106JAB

Post by AdamH » 11:56 Monday 9th April 2018

Looking good.

The whole Eurocruising saga was a bit of an embarrassment for Midland Red West (story here), but even so I made a request last year for any information that may be in the archives at Worcester depot. Alas there was nothing to be found so my guess is the company quietly brushed it under the carpet! :lol:

Putting those problems aside, it looks like a superb restoration. It looks like a very attractive livery and the photos suggest that it has been done with a very high attention to detail. Congratulations to everyone involved, I'm looking forward to seeing it in person.

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Re: 1006-B106JAB

Post by DD12 » 13:25 Monday 9th April 2018

That "restoration" is yet another fascinating surprise to me.

I was quite impressed by the new vehicles bought by MRW during this period, and despite the lack of DDs, the "moves" into coaching added to the variety and kept me "entertained" !

- I've just clicked on the link to the main website (above), and found the superb "potted" history -- brilliant stuff, thanks Adam !

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Re: 1006-B106JAB

Post by MattW » 18:31 Monday 9th April 2018

Beautiful vehicle. I like that a lot!

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Re: 1006-B106JAB

Post by Michael » 19:09 Monday 9th April 2018

Would you believe - Endeavour Coaches still operate a similar vehicle on school contracts around Birmingham!!

This is the only picture I could find on line of it http://www.ipernity.com/doc/306263/20584589 But I saw it passing through Yardley only a few weeks ago!!

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Re: 1006-B106JAB

Post by ANDREW » 20:34 Monday 9th April 2018

Reports suggest this vehicle, new to Battersby Silver Grey carried BFV 915 Y when new. :)

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Re: 1006-B106JAB

Post by ANDREW » 20:45 Monday 9th April 2018

B103JAB and B105JAB were acquired by Keats of Shiregreen in 2006 , the latter for spares , 103 was reregistered in 2009 to HIG5603 but is reported as "sold" in 2012. :!:

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Re: 1006-B106JAB

Post by Julie » 23:02 Thursday 24th May 2018

Hi All,

Thanks all for your kind comments about 1006. I have tried to get her to as close to "as delivered" as possible but if anyone can point out anything to make it better, please get in touch.

Before anyone says that the word "Birmingham" is missing from the boot lid, that was made but left off on purpose as it would have fouled the (non-original but very nice) badges in the corner.

The original seats were long gone but a contemporary set has been fitted albeit with very bold moquette and the courier seat is also missing.

The previous owner (Daron) re-panelled her and did away with the boot side doors but he did restore the Paramount rear light clusters.



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