any new vehicles due

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any new vehicles due

Post by busrinks » 20:27 Wednesday 9th May 2018

any new vehicles due for whittles fleet this year ?
and any due for johnsons fleet ?

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Re: any new vehicles due

Post by ANDREW » 11:42 Saturday 12th May 2018

Nothing on the "grapevine" as yet. ;)

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Re: any new vehicles due

Post by chason » 08:48 Sunday 13th May 2018

According to their May Snapshot newssheet received yesterday with their Autumn, Christmas and Spring 2019 holiday brochure, Johnsons have invested half a million pounds in two new Scania 53 seat coaches and three new Torneo minibuses. The accompanying pictures look as though the Scanias are 67 reg so those maybe new vehicles already reported.

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