Kevs on the 318.

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Kevs on the 318.

Post by ANDREW » 11:48 Tuesday 11th September 2018

Just seen Solo KX64AEO on the 318. Carrying a decent load into Bromsgrove from Catshill and Sidemoor I guess.

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Re: Kevs on the 318.

Post by chason » 08:43 Monday 1st October 2018

An elderly friend who has had to give up driving in the last few years living at Fairfield and totally dependent on buses tells me that Kev's is the best operator he has come across with drivers friendly, considerate and helpful, buses clean and comfortable and the service reliable and punctual.

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Re: Kevs on the 318.

Post by MattW » 19:26 Monday 1st October 2018

That's good to hear. Nice to hear from a small operator, hopefully they'll make a success of it.

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