Worcester's Congestion !!

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Worcester's Congestion !!

Post by DD12 » 16:52 Thursday 29th November 2018

I have recently had the pleasure of walking along Lowesmoor towards the city centre, and was shocked to see a row of cars parked on the double yellow lines on the left hand side outside the shops nearest the city centre.

I had not seen this violation before, and therefore can I assume it's a NEW escalation of Lowesmoor's problems ??

If the City + County councils, and the police + traffic wardens are actually allowing things to get WORSE ( still !! ), then I would not blame First if they reduce further, the level of service, use of assets, investment, etc.

I'm now wondering if the recent route brandings of the 44, the Salt Road, and the 35, will result in ALL those vehicles being tied permanently onto those services, and never being interworked or borrowed at Crowngate when it's feasible for them to support other services ??

Would it help to keep the Traffic Commissioner off their backs, if dash-cam footage is recorded every time a bus is obstructed ?? -- -- and every time a passenger complains to First because their bus is delayed, redirect their complaints to the city + county councils ?

My guess is that there will be a new bus graph when the Mercs and 53207 enter service ( - this Saturday, 1st December ???)

- It would be really great if our MD allowed an up-to-date, Mon - Fri, Bus Graph to be posted here, again !

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Re: Worcester's Congestion !!

Post by willr7 » 17:32 Thursday 29th November 2018

DD12 wrote:
16:52 Thursday 29th November 2018
- It would be really great if our MD allowed an up-to-date, Mon - Fri, Bus Graph to be posted here, again !
I'll second that! :D ;)

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