December 2018 in Worcester area

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December 2018 in Worcester area

Post by TimBrown » 12:32 Monday 24th December 2018

On 12 December 2018 LMS 'Black 5' 44871 worked a Charter train from London Victoria to Worcester Shrub Hill. It is pictured at north end of Platform one about to reverse on to its train in the depot having turned round on the triangle between Tunnel Hill Junction, Henwick Crossing and Shrub Hill.
12 December 2018 Shrub Hill 005.JPG
On 21 December 2018 66425 is seen working the regular container train from Tesco Daventry depot to Wentloog Distribution Centre near Newport in South Wales. This long 1250 ton train was travelling at 75 MPH, or thereabouts, and the slipstream creates a strong draught for anyone standing lineside close to the track.
21 December 2018 Bredicot 001.JPG
Ten minutes later, at the same location, saw ROG (Rail Operations Group) 47812 and 47815 working North from Laira, Plymouth depot with 9 redundant Mark III coaches from HST sets for storage at Ely Sidings prior to scrapping or eventual modification for further use. Note the elderly Mark I barrier coaches either end of the redundant stock. Note too, the typical heavy clag exhaust of the two locomotives which were at, or near, their allowed 95 MPH maximum speed!
21 December 2018 Bredicot 003.JPG
21 December 2018 Bredicot 004.JPG
DMU 172336 is seen at Shrub Hill on Christmas Eve 24 December 2018 sporting a diagonal Christmas Greetings 'wrapper' vinyl.
Something similar that First Bus in Worcester may consider, in the absence of red Enviro 67664, next year perhaps?
24 December 2018 Shrub Hill 002.JPG
24 December 2018 Shrub Hill 003.JPG

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Re: December 2018 in Worcester area

Post by MattW » 14:55 Monday 24th December 2018

Brilliant pics TIm 8-)

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Re: December 2018 in Worcester area

Post by chason » 09:17 Tuesday 25th December 2018

Thanks Tim - I always enjoy your pictures, both rail and bus.

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