MRW marketing leaflet introducing Leyland Lynx.

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MRW marketing leaflet introducing Leyland Lynx.

Post by TimBrown » 14:03 Thursday 3rd January 2019

The background colour is a deeper yellow than my scanner achieved, but the information from 1990 this Midland Red West marketing leaflet makes an interesting read.

I did a number of late turns at Kidderminster garage in the early (or was it mid?) 1990s using Leyland Lynxes, but didn't appreciate the blind spots of the BMMO style windscreen or the difficulty in keeping the offside mirror clean in wet conditions. That big Cummins engine gave fast acceleration, but all that torque seemed to make for jerky upward gear-changes except when you floored the throttle doing the equivalent of 'wheelies'. I preferred a Leyland National around the hilly Dudley services as the semi-automatic gearbox gave much better control going down steep twisty gradients at the expense of hill-climbing and performance. The Dennis Lance seemed better balanced and more responsive to light throttle openings with the same ZF gearbox as the Lynx, but the brakes were not so good and prone to the retarder getting too hot on 192 Ludlow service on Hopton Wafers and Angel Bank hills. The higher driving position of National and Lance was preferrable to the low setting in the Lynx cab. That said, many drivers really liked the Lynx.
MRW Lynx introduction 001.jpg
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Re: MRW marketing leaflet introducing Leyland Lynx.

Post by MattW » 17:36 Thursday 3rd January 2019

I love the way they felt it important to tell the public the technical details of the drivetrain - now all they'd care about is the free wifi I guess! Times have changed!

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Re: MRW marketing leaflet introducing Leyland Lynx.

Post by AdamH » 18:16 Thursday 3rd January 2019

That's an interesting find Tim. I have hundreds of Midland Red West leaflets from that era but I don't recall seeing that one before. Thanks for sharing.

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