"Increased mileage in Worcestershire"

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"Increased mileage in Worcestershire"

Post by DD12 » 12:49 Tuesday 7th January 2020

https://www.worcesternews.co.uk/news/18 ... last-year/

Apparently there were increased bus miles run in 2018/19 compared to the previous year !!

I think this claim (and the statistics) is extremely dubious -- can anyone back it up with facts please ?


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Re: "Increased mileage in Worcestershire"

Post by AdamH » 16:07 Friday 17th January 2020

Yes, I’d be a bit sceptical of that too. That’s an extra 1,300 miles per day, every day including Sundays, just in Worcestershire. They have probably just changed the way mileage is recorded in an effort to cook the books!

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