Former Enviro300s

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Re: Former Enviro300s

Post by bmmoboy » 17:22 Monday 27th July 2020

Sorry Pasty, but I do like the Citaros. They have good visability from the cab, pull away well, especially from places like Prospect View, or roundabouts when you need a good turn of speed, and seem to simply glide over the many thousands of speed humps in Worcester. The driving seats are comfortable and I enjoy working on them. I cannot wait until we get some more for the Malvern services (if that is still happening) - anything to get rid of the StreetMax's. However, the old Enviro300's were a good bus, real plodders, and gave everything that was asked of them. I also liked the 200s, especially 44514, which took off from traffic lights like a Ferrari.

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Re: Former Enviro300s

Post by ANDREW » 11:29 Tuesday 28th July 2020

Mechwr26 wrote:
21:01 Sunday 26th July 2020
Such a waste.. I love them. Brilliant engines, great gearboxes, simple air suspension. A far better vehicle than a million kilometre Citaro. I can't believe they're going to be cut up
Sadly , the "big wigs" will take more notice of the accountants that the folk who work on them / drive them . . . . :evil:

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Re: Former Enviro300s

Post by Barrie Gilbert » 18:07 Tuesday 28th July 2020

Sadly none of them lasted long with First Cymru and 67632, 67633, 67634 and 67636 have also now been collected by Trevor Wigley.

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